Extend your spa experience further by adding on one or more of these 30 minute enhacemnts to any spa treatment for only $50.00 each.These enhancements can also be experienced as stand alone treatments for $70.00 each.
~Vineyard Foot Treatment~
An indulgingly, relaxing ritual, which begins with an aromatic grapeseed oil buff of the feet utilizing specific pressure and scrubbing techniques. These techniques help increase blood circulation and release tension throughout the lower legs and feet. Then the feet are cleansed with a warm gentle mineral water rinse. Finally the feet are thoroughly relaxed with a moisturizing foot massage!
~Vineyard Scalp Treatment~
An aromatic oil composed of grapeseed extract, jojoba oil and orange and rosemary essential oils , is thoroughly massaged into the scalp to invigorate and increase blood flow. The natural oils are fully utilized as a hot towel is used to envelop the head and neck to help further detoxify the folicles and strengthen the hair. The body becomes fully relaxed as the head, neck and shoulders are stretched and massaged.
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~Hand & Foot Paraffin Dip~
The hands and feet are gently lowered into a tub of warm paraffin wax and then placed into plastic sleeves to draw out the toxins and metals which settle in the toes and finegertips. To further the relaxation and increase the effects of the paraffin, warmers are placed over the hands and feet. The tension is released by the massaging of the hands and feet with moisturizing butter or lotion leaving them soft and smooth.
Reflexology derives from the theory that the feet and hands contain reflex areas or zones that correspond to all of the organs in the body.Through the use of the therapist's thumbs and fingers the hands and feet are massaged in order to trigger specific reflex zones in the body. Reflexology promotes total body health and relaxation.
~Target Massage~
A perfect compliment to any of our spa treatments. This is a custom tailored massage for each guest that focuses on the area of the body that requires extra attention. This massage combines a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep tissue, Lomi-Lomi, Acupressure and others to aid in the recovery from activity induced stress, tension and/or soreness!